Family Law Practice Directions In Ontario

Family Law Practice Directions Book KPA Lawyers

A family law case in Ontario involves more than just understanding the law itself. It also requires familiarity with the ‘practice directions’ – a set of rules that guide how court procedures are managed and followed. These cover everything from the way you submit documents to the court to the etiquette expected during hearings. Practice […]

Child Support: If I Can’t Pay, Do I Qualify for Undue Hardship?

Woman crying child support kpa lawyers family law

The Obligation To Pay Child Support Is Enshrined In Canadian Law. It Is Designed To Ensure The Well-Being And Upbringing Of A Child After Their Parents Separate Or Divorce. But What Happens When A Parent Is Genuinely Unable To Fulfill This Financial Duty Due To Undue Hardship?? Understanding The Child Support Guidelines and Undue Hardship […]

Ahluwalia v. Ahluwalia and Tort Claims in Family Law

Family Law KPA Lawyers Ahluwalia v. Ahluwalia

Family law and tort law are traditionally viewed as distinct legal realms. However, in some circumstances, these two areas intersect, giving rise to complexities that challenge conventional legal wisdom. A case that strikingly demonstrates this intersection is Ahluwalia v. Ahluwalia, 2017 ONSC 3854. In Ahluwalia, a landmark decision in Ontario, the court expanded the scope […]

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