Parenting Coordinator: What is it and Why Would I Use One?

Couple on Couch Parent Coordinator

Family law disputes involving children are often highly sensitive, with strong emotions running high. This is where a parenting coordinator can play a crucial role. A parenting coordinator is a neutral third-party professional, usually with a background in law or mental health, who assists separated or divorced parents in resolving child-related disputes outside of the courtroom.

Role of A Parenting Coordinator

A parenting coordinator guides parents through the decision-making process, focusing on the best interests of the child. They provide education, mediate disputes, and in some cases, make decisions if parents can’t agree. Their ultimate goal is to help parents establish and maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Beneficial In Many Situations

The use of a parenting coordinator can be particularly beneficial in high-conflict situations where communication between parents is challenging. They offer an alternative to repeated litigation, which can be costly, time-consuming, and emotionally draining. Moreover, by helping parents to resolve disputes quickly and effectively, they can minimize the potential impact of conflict on the children involved.

But Not Always Suitable

However, as beneficial as the use of a parenting coordinator can be, it’s not suitable for every situation. For instance, in cases where there’s a history of domestic violence or power imbalances between parents, their involvement may not be appropriate. In these situations, the safety of family members and the ability of parents to participate effectively in the process are paramount considerations.


It’s crucial to seek legal advice before entering into a parenting coordination agreement to ensure it’s the right choice for your family’s circumstances. It’s an important decision that requires careful consideration of various factors, including the nature of the disputes, the relationship between parents, and the needs of the children involved.


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