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Can I sue for invasion of privacy in Ontario?

KPA Lawyers – February 28, 2018 The short answer is yes. But there’s some things you should keep mind before you consider legal action. First, your right to privacy will be different depending on the situation. For example, in health care, persons who are health information custodians are held to a very high standard by the Privacy Health Information Protection Act. Your lawyer also

Court orders Mississauga man to pay $16k‬ to banquet hall after failing to pay for wedding

KPA Lawyers – July 3, 2018 KPA Lawyers is actively searching for the debtor described in this article. If you have information about this individual, please contact us at The Brampton Small Claims Court ordered Akmal Chaudhry (pictured) of Mississauga to pay $16,514.36 in damages and legal costs to a Mississauga banquet hall after failing to pay for his wedding. Documents filed in

I worked for a client and they won’t pay me, now what?

KPA Lawyers – June 24, 2021 Dealing with unpaid invoices for your business can be a headache. Many businesses in Ontario lose vast sums of revenue because of delinquent accounts and customers who fail to pay for goods and services that they received. Unpaid invoices are an inconvenience for large businesses, and can be critically harmful to small business owners. We’ve listed 5 things

Reasonable Notice and Termination Provisions in Employment Contracts in Ontario

KPA Lawyers – May 29, 2018 If you are let go or fired from your job without cause, you might be entitled to a payment that is equal to months of your former salary, depending on factors such as your age or the length of your employment. This is because the courts have long recognized that employment is one of the most fundamental aspects

11 Things you should consider if you don’t have a Will

KPA Lawyers – July 27, 2018 Many people believe that if they die without a Will, the law will ensure that their assets go to their loved ones. However, the rules dealing with how assets are distributed where a person has no Will are often not what you would hope they are. Many people also believe that if they do not own much, and

What to do if you’ve been named as a Respondent in the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

KPA Lawyers – July 6, 2018 If you have been named as a Respondent in an application filed at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, it means you have been sued because someone (the Applicant) believes that you are responsible for a violation of Ontario’s Human Rights Code. If you have received an application and notice of application directing you to file a response,

Court orders Hamilton area man to pay almost $12,000

KPA Lawyers – September 4, 2018 Faqir Ali (pictured) KPA Lawyers is actively searching for the debtor described in this article. If you have information about this individual, please contact us at On September 4th, 2018, the Hamilton Small Claims Court ordered Faqir Muhammad Ali of Mississauga (date of birth: January 17th, 1958) to pay $11,908.00 in damages and legal costs to a

Are the Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Clauses in my Employment Contract Enforceable?

KPA Lawyers – October 16, 2019 Very frequently employers put clauses in their employees’ contracts that state that the employee is not permitted to engage in a competing business or seek employment from a competitor after they are let go or quit their job. In common industry parlance this is referred to as a “Non-Compete”. Another clause that is almost inevitably coupled with a

Can you sue for defamation on Facebook or Twitter in Ontario?

KPA Lawyers – February 21, 2019 As the old saying goes, “a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes”, commonly misattributed to Mark Twain. It turns out the quote is more likely a modern paraphrasing of a line published hundreds of years ago by the satirist Jonathan Swift. But neither of these gentlemen lived in

How does separation work in Ontario?

KPA Lawyers – March 2, 2019 Very few people begin an intimate relationship expecting to eventually separate in the future. That’s why when spouses and common-law partners do separate, there are often many unanswered legal issues that need to be resolved. In Ontario, the laws that govern separation, and many other aspects of family law, can be found in a piece of legislation called

How does rent work in Ontario?

KPA Lawyers – March 2, 2019 Unless you own the home you live in, chances are you are paying rent to a landlord. There are lot of myths and misunderstands about how rent works in Ontario, so we’ve created this video to explain some of the common and not-so-common questions that people have about rent. First, how is rent decided? When a rental

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