Understanding the Timeframe for Asserting Construction Liens

house under construction lien timelines KPA lawyers

In the fast-paced world of construction, meeting deadlines is crucial to maintaining smooth operations. However, one set of deadlines that often falls under the radar, with potentially severe consequences, relates to construction liens. These legal claims are a key tool for parties seeking payment for their work, but they come with strict timeframes that, if […]

Employment Law in Ontario: How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

woman working employment law in ontario KPA lawyers

Navigating the complexities of employment law can be a challenging aspect of business management. Understanding the legislation and staying updated with ongoing changes are crucial to maintain compliance and avoid costly legal disputes. This article offers practical advice for employers and employees to avoid common pitfalls and stay compliant with employment law. Understanding Employment Law […]

Mareva injunctions in absence of substantive evidence

mareva injunction freezing order stop light KPA Lawyers

Mareva injunctions, colloquially known as “freezing orders,” have long been a powerful tool in litigation. The effect of these orders is to freeze bank accounts, put charges on title for property and notice to all creditors that there is a Mareva in place. These orders were meant to be particularly useful in situations where there […]

Corporate Restructuring: Legal Challenges in Growth & Expansion

Key on keyboard business restructuring KPA Lawyers

Corporate restructuring is a pivotal phase in a business lifecycle, especially in startup environments. It involves a comprehensive overhaul of a company’s operational and legal structure, driven by the need to adapt to market changes, enhance operational efficiency, or position the business for growth. This article delves into the legal aspects of corporate restructuring, providing […]

Streamlining justice: Replacing motions to reduce court delays

hourglass court delays kpa lawyers jacob murad

It’s safe to say that civil litigators (and subsequently their clients) are all having issues involving court delays, wait times and backlog. Many reforms have been put into place to improve this backlog including: the movement towards alternative dispute resolution; removing matters for court delay and the movement of matters to be heard in writing. […]

The Unanimous Shareholder Agreement: Beyond Articles of Incorporation

hands holding a pen and unanimous shareholder agreement for signature

The Unanimous Shareholder Agreement (USA) Plays A Pivotal Role In Delineating Corporate Operations. This Is Particularly True For Small Businesses And Specific Industries Like Construction. In Corporate Law, The Articles Of Incorporation Are Often Considered The Cornerstone Documents That Outline A Corporation’s Fundamental Operations. However, The USA Must Be Considered To Be Another Crucial Document […]

ESG & Shareholder Activism: Empowering Investors for Change

ESG sign outside blur

ESG (Environmental, social, and corporate governance) and shareholder activism has significantly transformed the corporate landscape. Today, investors are not just passive participants; they actively shape corporate strategies and influence changes. From large corporations to small businesses, understanding ESG standards, shareholder activism, its legal foundation, and its implications is key in the contemporary investment scenario Understanding […]

Privacy Law: Exploring the Tort of Intrusion Upon Seclusion

Top Secret stamp privacy law KPA Lawyers

In a world where privacy is becoming increasingly valued, understanding the legal framework that protects it is vital. A significant concept in privacy law is the tort of “Intrusion upon Seclusion,” a crucial element that applies across sectors, from small businesses and real estate to construction. Understanding Intrusion Upon Seclusion in Privacy Law The tort […]

Navigating Stormy Waters: Understanding Material Adverse Effects in Commercial Contract Negotiation

Navigation KPA Lawyers

Navigating commercial contract negotiation is often a complex dance of risk allocation. A critical provision, the Material Adverse Effect (MAE) clause, serves as a vital safety measure against the unexpected. This complex yet crucial clause shapes contractual obligations and potential liabilities. Understanding Material Adverse Effects In Contract Negotiation At its core, a Material Adverse Effect […]

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