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Emily Banks

B.A. (Hons.), J.D. (USA)., J.D. (CANADA)

Jacob Murad

B.A., J.D., LL.M

Ryan Keeney

B.A., J.D.

James Dondo

Licensed Paralegal

Emilie Aloe

B.A., J.D.

Eva Janta

B.A., J.D. (USA)., J.D. (CANADA)

Barbara Nightingale

B.A., J.D.

Adil Habib

BASc., J.D.

Jessica Melchiorre

B.A., LL.B.

Sasha Faraone

B.MOS., BEd., J.D.

Kabeer Sethi

B.Journ., J.D.