What Are Trust Accounts And Why Do Lawyers Have Them?

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Table of Contents What are Trust Accounts? Who Can Have a Trust Account? Why Must Lawyers Have Trust Accounts? Advantages and Disadvantages of a Trust Account What Would Happen Without Trust Accounts? Things to Be Aware of While Dealing With a Professional That Holds a Trust Account FAQs Conclusion What is a Trust Account? A […]

Why a Lawyer is Essential for Your Real Estate Transactions

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Table of Contents Navigating the Legal Processes of Real Estate Transactions The Crucial Role of a Lawyer Why You Need a Lawyer for Real Estate Transactions Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer FAQs Conclusion Navigating the Legal Processes of Real Estate Transactions Real estate transactions, particularly in Ontario, are labyrinthine legal endeavours laden with […]

Work-life balance for the modern lawyer

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There are many self-help articles and books for every profession to assist with work-life balance, a trait that has never been more essential to service professionals like lawyers. There are many self-help articles and books for every profession to assist with work-life balance, a trait that has never been more essential to service professionals like […]

The multi-disciplinary lawyer: Why legal expertise isn’t enough

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The conventional notion of what makes a successful, valuable lawyer has and continues to undergo a transformation. While it is still important to have legal expertise, this has become just the starting point for the profession as a whole and is in no way guaranteed a successful representation of clients and the community. With the […]

Embracing innovation: Nonlawyers should be allowed to own Ontario law firms

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Alternative business structures for law firms were researched and debated back in 2014. Many lawyers were advocating to reform the current structural limitations of law firm ownership. Currently, law firms in Ontario can only be owned 100 per cent by licensed lawyers, but there was hope that the law society of Ontario (LSO) would provide […]

Revisiting the Ontario bar exam

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The barrister and solicitor examinations in Ontario are ripe for reform. With the continuous influx and new generation of law students, I have found that the current examinations are not properly testing the competency levels of incoming students.been lawyers for some time looking for a career change. The current exam structure rewards groups of students […]

Working capital not for the faint of heart

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In my work as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer, I have noticed there is a concept that is consistently argued about at every stage of negotiations including after a transaction closes — the concept of “working capital” in business transactions. The trouble with the term is its malleability in definitions: it is an accounting term, […]

The Necessity of Termination Clauses in Employment Contracts

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In an ever-evolving business landscape, independent contractor and fixed-term employment contracts have gained popularity. These agreements provide flexibility, promote efficiency, and cater to a variety of organizational needs. However, the recent ruling from the Ontario Court of Appeal [2023 ONCA 413] underscores the importance of incorporating termination clauses in these contracts. The Rise of Independent […]

Defamation Alternative: The Tort of ‘False Light’

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In the realm of personal injury law, defamation is typically the go-to cause of action when an individual believes their reputation has been wrongfully harmed by false statements. However, the legal system provides an alternative in cases where the strict 6-month notice period for libel is missed: the tort of publicity placing the plaintiff in […]

Consequences of Failing to Close on a Real Estate APS

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With the recent rise in interest rates, many buyers are finding themselves in the precarious position of failing to close on their real estate Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS). An APS is a binding legal contract between the buyer and seller of a property. If either party fails to fulfill their obligations outlined in […]

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