What are my rights when I’m fired from my job in Ontario?

This is the kind of question that entire textbooks can (and have) been written about. Even an entire year of law school would just barely be enough to cover the wide variety of legal issues that can come up in the vast topic of employment law in Ontario. But it is still possible to understand […]

How do commercial lease agreements work in Ontario?

Tenancies come in two varieties: residential and commercial. As a result, there are various institutions and laws that deal with every aspect of renting. The person who rents out a piece of property is referred to as the lessee or tenant, and the owner is referred to as the lessor or landlord. Leasing could be: […]

How do I dissolve my corporation in Ontario?

In Ontario, Canada, dissolving a corporation can be a challenging procedure. It’s critical to comprehend the procedures and requirements needed to dissolve a company legally. For instance, in Canada in 2020, 12,821 corporations were dissolved. What’s the process? Even though an Ontario-based corporation may stop doing business and become inactive, the Articles of Incorporation are […]

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