What is an Affidavit of Documents in Ontario?

https://youtu.be/y2_Zk8xJqI8 If you’ve been watching our video, “How do Civil Lawsuits Work in Ontario”, then you might have heard of the term, “Affidavit of Documents”. Although that phrase sounds like a confusing legal term, the concept of an Affidavit of Documents is fairly straightforward. Plaintiffs and Defendants must ensure that they are both aware of […]

What to do if you have received a Statement of Claim in Ontario.

What is it? If you have received (been “served” with) a Statement of Claim, you should contact a lawyer immediately. A Statement of Claim is a document, known as an “originating process” that commences a lawsuit in Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice. It is not used in Small Claims Court (the equivalent document in Small […]

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