Ontario court orders Orangeville contractor to pay $10,733 for botched construction job

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KPA Lawyers - August 19, 2016

KPA Lawyers is actively searching for the debtor described in this article. If you have information about this individual, please contact us at info@kpalawyers.ca.

The Orangeville Small Claims Court ordered Taylor Wyatt Williams (pictured) of Northernway Landscaping to pay $10,733.00 in damages and legal costs to a Brampton family after he received payment in advance for construction work and subsequently failed to competently complete the work.

Evidence filed in court revealed images of garbage and debris left behind at the clients’ home, along with unfinished interior and exterior work apparently abandoned prior to completion.

“The Plaintiff had to hire other contractors and pay further $9,327.00 to have the work completed… The Plaintiff shall have judgment in the amount of $9,327.00… and a respresentation fee totalling $1,406.00” wrote Deputy Judge Filkin in a court order dated April 19th, 2016.

At the time of the relevant events, Mr. Williams was doing business under the name MCM Masonry, but registered “northernwaylandscaping.com” on July 17th, 2017 and is believed to be currently doing business under that name. The company’s Instagram page can be found here.

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