Reasons why your COVID-19 relationship is feeling 6 feet apart in Ontario

KPA Lawyers – June 24, 2021

Some refer to it as “love under lockdown”. This is the state of relationships during the Covid-19 pandemic. For many people, love relationships have always been associated with counting down the hours to see each other, going on exciting dates, and sharing romantic dates. However, the pandemic has redefined the mechanics of romance.

Where newly dating partners are yearning to see one another after being apart due to the long quarantine period, some married couples and longtime lovers could use a breather from each other. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic has added a new wrinkle for separation and COVID-19 divorce. This is due to the change in the way couples live their daily lives. They do not get that much-needed space from each other. 

They no longer have access to the friends who provided unconditional support as everyone is tucked away at home; social interaction is no longer what we knew it to be.

 While it was unclear in the beginning, KPA lawyers are now starting to get a good picture of the factors that are causing a heightened rate of divorce in the pandemic. They include: 

Spending too much time at home:
When you spend too much time together with your partner; day in, day out, without any breaks in-between, then it is easy to experience overfamiliarity and feel like you can do without their presence for a while. 

It is unfortunate that a majority of couples have not found ways to balance excessive connectedness and intimacy. Spending too much time together may also lead to boredom as it prevents people in a relationship from growing their individual friendships and interests so that they can bring excitement into a relationship. 

Although they are in a committed relationship, couples still need their own privacy of sorts. And even though your partner should meet your emotional needs, a single person is not capable of meeting each and every need. This is why friends and family play a crucial role in a relationship. 

Without outside support, you may get easily frustrated and feel like your partner does not give you what you require. As such, this brings about the aspect of divorce. 

Lack of finances due to loss of jobs:
The financial impact of COVIDd-19 is playing a negative role in relationship breakups. If you find yourself unemployed or taking home lower payments, but were the main breadwinner of the family, then it is most likely to put a strain on the dynamics with your partner as well as the family at large. 

Due to the lack of finances or changes in lifestyle, we as KPA lawyers have noticed a steady increase in divorce. 

Needless to say, economic downturns equal marriage stability. Already, finances are a common cause of marital strife, but it has grown increasingly worse in the pandemic relationship. 

Decreased income increases the potential for conflict in a relationship, which causes psychological strain, which in turn, decreases the quality of a relationship. As the lack of income results in low self-esteem and a lack of self-worth, then it can manifest in anger, anxiety, and frustration. 

Disagreements over the risks of Covid-19:
The transmission of a disease has never been an issue before. However, when it comes to the coronavirus, people tend to disagree about its theories of transmission. As a married couple, you may also disagree with your partner on these theories. 

For instance, as a husband, you may demand a COVID-19 test before a babysitter has access to your child, where your wife may be looking for a readily available babysitter so that they can complete a work obligation, not necessarily keeping the test in mind.

You may also have different opinions about wearing masks or the types of hand sanitizers to use. This alone may cause fights between couples. When conflict ensues, there is a lack of intimacy, which ultimately causes the bond in a relationship to fizzle out. 

The Process of Divorce During the Pandemic

No matter the circumstances, divorce is never easy. The COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of strain on marriages today. We understand the kind of hardships that you are going through.  That’s why we, as Ontario divorce lawyers are ready to help you through the process. 

When seeking a divorce during the pandemic, we will guide you through the following:

Divorce options
When you start planning your divorce, we will show you the different routes that you can take including:

Mediation: Involving a neutral third party to listen to the discussion and settle disputes.
Collaborative process: Involving a counsellor, a neutral advisor, and a child specialist, if you have a child. Together, these professionals will help you and your spouse reach a settlement.
Litigation: When we cannot reach a divorce settlement, a judge will listen to your case.
Attorney-to-Attorney: This is the most traditional divorce approach as the spousal attorneys face each other.

The court processes

Because the family courts are just reopening, there is most likely to be a backlog of cases. While we will start working on your case immediately, litigation may take time.

Asset values 

If you have to divide assets between you and your partner, the values may not be as straightforward. For instance, there are housing markets that have skyrocketed where others have softened. Additionally, there are assets that may not be paid out until much later when things have stabilized.

Why Choose Us? 

You can count on our qualified team of experts to see you through your entire divorce process. We not only listen, encourage but also articulate your wishes well. Our sound legal advice will see you through tough times. 

We are all about brokering peace between all the parties involved. We are not only competent but also confident in a courtroom!

When you choose to enlist our services, you are working with professionals who will fully support you in any case of Ontario divorce. For more information on divorce proceedings during the pandemic, contact our expert attorneys. 



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