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Walk-in FAQ

Visit us without an appointment in Mississauga

We only accept walk-ins at our Mississauga office, located at 200 Matheson Blvd West (Suite 100), Mississauga, ON, L5R 3L7. Click here for directions.

After you enter through the building’s main doors, our office is located to your left on the main floor.

Yes, parking is free around the entire building.

Our walk-in hours are 9:15am to 4:30pm every weekday (Monday-Friday). 

We are closed on public holidays and on weekends. However, if you call us after usual business hours, you will reach our after-hours call answering service, staffed by local customer service professionals based in Ontario. They will be happy to take a message and relay it to our lawyers.

Generally, if you call between 9am and 5pm on any weekday, then you will reach our front desk where our own receptionists will be happy to assist you.

You will not be able to meet with a lawyer unless you provide at least one piece of government-issued ID. This is a legal requirement by the Law Society of Ontario and we do not have the authority to waive this requirement. 

If a consultation fee applies to the type of service you need, then you will also need to bring a method of payment, such as a credit card, or your phone to send us an Interac eTransfer.

If you have any documents related to your case, then feel free to bring them with you. For example, if you were served with some court documents by someone else, we’ll need to see those. You are welcome to attend our office without these materials, but you won’t get the most out of your consultation, and you’ll have to send them to us later. As another example, if you were terminated from your job, then you should bring your employment contract (if you have it) and any termination letter you received. Use your best judgement to decide what you need to bring with you, usually most people have some idea of what they want to show to a lawyer.

If you won’t be paying privately for a lawyer, and you have a legal aid certificate number, then please bring your certificate number with you. If you have a certificate number, but you do not wish to provide the number until after meeting with a lawyer, then you will have to purchase your consultation.

Yes, but only for certain areas of law. We offer free consultations for the following types of situations: 

  • Real estate closings: This includes a home purchase, sale, refinance, transfer of title, or ILA
  • Personal injury: You have been involved a car accident, had a slip & fall, or been bitten by a dog, or you have been sexually assaulted. We do not represent clients in medical malpractice cases, or injuries caused by the police.

A consultation fee applies to all other areas of law. If you call us regarding more than one issue, a consultation fee will apply if any of the issues do not appear in the above list.

Sometimes, particular lawyers will have a temporary promotion where their consultation fee is waived. This is impossible to predict, but you are welcome to ask the front desk if any of the lawyers are having a promotion. 

This depends on the area of law and the seniority of the lawyer you are booking. To determine the exact consultation fee, if any, that applies to your case, visit our auto-matching page.

We are not currently accepting legal aid cases.

This is impossible to predict since we don’t know how many walk-in clients might arrive at our law firm on any given day. If you don’t have an appointment, it’s usually best to assume that some wait time will be involved.

Since our lawyers’ cases involve unexpected emergencies, and court schedules are hard to predict, we can’t guarantee that you will be able to meet with a lawyer, so it’s usually better to give us a quick phone call in advance. Our receptionists can give you an idea of how busy we are and tell you if there are any available lawyers in the office.

Some legal services can be done fairly quickly on a drop-in basis, but some situations cannot be addressed in one meeting. 

For example, if you need a document notarized or commissioned, we can usually do that for you on a walk-in basis for a nominal fee.

On the other hand, you wouldn’t expect a divorce lawyer to complete your entire divorce in one meeting, but you can certainly purchase a consultation with a divorce lawyer on a walk-in basis. After the meeting, you’ll have a better understanding of your rights, and you can decide if you want to proceed with a longer relationship with that lawyer.

We mention family law above as just an example. You can also receive initial consultations for a wide variety of other areas of law on a walk-in basis as well. 

You’ll be able to choose from among the lawyers who are present in the office when you walk in. Different lawyers have different consultation fees and levels of experience. All of our lawyers are excellent professionals. 

Since Ontario’s lifting of COVID restrictions, we do not require members of the public to be vaccinated or wearing masks when they attend our office.

However, all employees at KPA are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or have an active medical exemption. KPA has embraced Ontario’s QR Code system for authenticating our employees’ vaccination status, or active medical exemption.

We accept credit cards, debit, cash, certified cheque, and Interac eTransfers for walk-in services.

Yes, you or your real estate agent are welcome to drop off a copy of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale and other real estate documents. 

However, if you are a new client, you’ll still need to either book a free real estate telephone call or have a brief free in-person meeting with us (your choice). This is because our real estate lawyers need to know who their client will be, and collect details about the closing that is not necessarily indicated in the documents.  

No, walk-in services are available to both new and current clients.