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Frequently asked questions

You can work from anywhere you wish, provided you are careful about the confidentiality of our clients.

Most of our virtual lawyers work from the comfort of their home, using a workstation that we deploy to your residence free of charge.

No, we will typically provide you with matters to work on. That’s one of the best parts of being a virtual lawyer with KPA.

However, we’ll still need your cooperation to facilitate your success. For example, you’ll be asked to participate in a photoshoot to support our marketing efforts. 

You’ll also need to make yourself available during flexible hours in the beginning of your journey, while you are still building up your list of clients.

Keep in mind; however, that being a virtual lawyer with KPA does not mean you will automatically see a windfall of clients and income in your first month, or even your first few months. Yes, you’ll receive telephone bookings with new clients, and yes, you’ll be the person who performs your own consultations. However, it is up to you to ensure that the people who speak with you for a consultation are impressed by you, and decide to retain you.

Pro-tip: Make friends with as many other lawyers at KPA as you can, they’re a great source of internal referrals.

Yes. Being a virtual lawyer at KPA is not a behind-the-scenes invisible role. You will have full carriage of clients’ matters, and you will be responsible for ensuring that our clients’ best interests are protected. This includes promptly responding to emails, attending court dates, providing legal advice, docketing, billing, etc.

Yes. Our workstations include a dual-monitor experience, complete with a high-end desktop computer, HD webcam and professional headphones with a mic. You’ll never want to go back to working on a regular computer.

During your onboarding session, you’ll also be set up with a suite of specialized software that is nearly guaranteed to be beyond anything you’ve experienced in the practice of law.

Yes, you will need a high-speed internet connection and a mobile phone.

KPA does not currently subsidize employees’ home internet and personal mobile phone plans.

All of our lawyers are full-time permanent employees of KPA Lawyers Professional Corporation.
We know that some law firms try to categorize their lawyers as “independent contractors” for reasons that we assume are motivated by profit, or the avoidance of liability. We don’t do business that way.

This means you will not register a business, or get an HST number, or worry about filing taxes as a business. You’ll receive a T4 tax form like any other employee. 

At KPA, we gladly embrace the responsibilities that employers owe to their employees. We also clearly articulate the terms of your employment arrangement in your written employment contract.


Since you are entering into an employer/employee relationship, and not as a freelance contractor, the services you provide to KPA and our clients are on an exclusive basis. 

This means you cannot accept paid remuneration or use your license to practice law in any manner other than as an employee of KPA, carrying out the duties contemplated in your employment contract.


Your wages are equal to 50% of legal fees you generate. That means you have unlimited income potential. This is calculated based on actual money received from clients in payment towards invoices for services rendered.

For example, if you work for a client for 40 hours at $350+HST per hour, then your gross wages would be $7,000. This assumes that your client paid their bill in full. We recommend requiring your client to put money into our trust account in advance for performing billable hours (like any good lawyer would do).

Some of our lawyers have done extremely well under KPA’s compensation plan, paying off all law school debts and buying multiple real estate properties.

Feel free to check out our article on The Huffington Post about how we’re making lawyer-compensation more equitable for associates.

Your wages are automatically deposited into your personal chequings account twice per month. You will also be able to access your employee records and paystubs through an employee portal. 

Yes. We require you to complete an internal training course which includes several hours of training. 

Some of your training will be self-directed, and some of it will be with other lawyers from KPA. We have successfully onboarded and trained lawyers on a 100% virtual basis, but you are welcome to drop by our head office for training if you wish.

Your training will consist of both internal operational procedures as well as substantive law. You will by no means become a flawless or perfect lawyer by the end of your training, but you will receive a solid foundation for success. Every lawyer who has completed our training program has indicated that they learned significant skills that they did not possess prior to our course. We are proud to have some of the most practical and legitimately useful courses in the legal industry.

No. All in-house lawyers and virtual lawyers at KPA share a single pooled trust account. 

Only the corporation has access to the trust account. 

We have convenient processes and software to make it easy for deposits and withdrawals to be made from the trust account. Since you aren’t in control of the account, you won’t have to worry about the liability and LSO compliance issues involved in trust account management.

All virtual lawyers are also prohibited from operating a separate trust account on their own while employed by KPA.

You are responsible for your own LawPro insurance coverage and law society membership fees. However, for virtual lawyers who are generating sufficient revenue, KPA will cover these fees from our corporate funds on your behalf., but that perk is intended as a reward for demonstrated performance.

Before your first day on the job, you’ll need to show us proof that you are a member in good standing with the LSO, or whichever law society regulates you if you are outside of Ontario. 

You’ll also need to show us proof that your LawPro coverage is active and valid.

The business of law is expensive. We have a multi-million dollar budget that goes towards funding things like the following:

  • Advertising to bring you clients;
  • Office equipment, such as your home workstation;
  • Monthly software subscriptions, including practice management software and access to the latest & greatest legal tools to give you an edge against opposing counsel;
  • Support staff such as receptionists, law clerks, paralegals, advertising, accounting and human resource professionals to ensure you never have to worry about LSO compliance or bookkeeping;
  • A physical head office which serves as our main base of operations;
  • A reserve fund to grow our brand across Canada;
  • and much more

To put things into perspective, most businesses operate at a 10 to 30 percent profit margin. If you think of your law practice as a business, your “profit margin” is basically set at 50%, which is much higher than a typical return-on-investment for any business owner. Moreover, we take on the time-consuming administrative functions and financial risks of actually running an established law firm. That means you can focus on what you do best, which is practice law.

As lawyers, we know that disbursements can add up. You’ve got court filing fees, process server fees, transcriptionists, reporting and mediation centre fees, courier fees, and a lot of other case-related disbursements.

Disbursements are paid by KPA, but we require you to ensure that clients have placed sufficient funds into the trust account to reimburse KPA for disbursements in advance of the expense or liability being incurred.

This money must be submitted into the trust account before you enter into a commitment on behalf of your client.

For example, if you have an upcoming mediation, but your client hasn’t placed enough money into the trust account to pay for both your time and the mediator’s fees, then that mediation session probably shouldn’t have been confirmed with the mediator in the first place.

Not unless your performance justifies this investment. 

Although KPA does employ a reasonably sized team of support staff with a diverse range of professional training, virtual lawyers do not immediately start their careers at KPA with a dedicated law clerk. 

If a virtual lawyer requests personal staffing, we will make a determination in the best interests of the corporation.

No. We also employ a team of lawyers at head office who have more traditional arrangements and compensation plans within the firm. Recruitment for such positions is more rare than our virtual lawyer positions, since our financial investment in our in-house associates is significantly higher than lawyers in our virtual lawyer program.

Currently, all of our lawyers are based in Ontario; however, if you’d like to launch a virtual practice in your province, please contact us at and we’d be happy to discuss your idea.

Yes. It’s not uncommon for sole practitioners to express an interest in joining our team as a virtual lawyer. If this describes you, then there are some things that you should keep in mind. 

  • Your law practice will be exclusively branded under KPA. This includes any and all business cards, work email addresses, online advertising, etc. 
  • Your website, if any, will be remitted to KPA’s control. We typically forward visitors from your old website to our website, or we place a note on your homepage indicating that your company has been acquired by KPA Lawyers. 
  • Any Google maps listing your operate will need to be deactivated or otherwise remitted to the control of KPA.
  • All of the funds in your trust account, if any, will be remitted to KPA’s trust account. You will also need to provide a complete trust listing of the contents of your trust account. This will ensure compliance with the LSO’s trust accounting by-laws and rules. Your trust account will then need to be closed after the transfer of funds is complete.
  • You will not be permitted to accept payment to your own bank account from clients directly, as all payments will be required to flow through KPA.
  • Your social media profiles will need to be updated to indicate that you are a lawyer at KPA Lawyers. Any reference to “Owner”, “Founder”, etc. regarding your own practice must be indicated as past experience and not present activity.

Yes, we are always on the lookout for great lawyers who want to open a virtual practice. Our vision is to have an established presence across all of Canada.

If we’re being totally honest, we reject more applications than we accept. 

We’re looking for lawyers who know the law well, or are at least very determined to grow their knowledge of the law. We’re also looking for people who have the right attitude. What do we mean by that? Well, having the “right attitude” means the following: 

  • Genuinely caring about your clients’ well-being and always conducting yourself fairly and ethically in your practice;
  • Committing to work-life balance, and setting aside time for self-care, health and fitness; 
  • Being available on a flexible schedule for your clients and your colleagues (law is not a 9-to-5 job);
  • Knowing how to regiment your work-day so you can handle your court dates, produce great work-product, meet your billable targets, and still have time for a healthy lunch; and
  • Being an overall positive person who gets along with your colleagues 

We receive a lot of applications from lawyers. We read every application, but only candidates selected from an interview will be contacted.

We keep applications on file, and we will look at our pre-existing pool of candidates when a new opportunity arises. So we encourage all qualified candidates to apply.