All employees in Canada have rights and employers are legally required to ensure that they do not violate those rights. However, sometimes employers may subject the employee to illegal tactics and unlawful behavior to punish or scare the employee for trying to stand up for his or her employment rights.

This unlawful intimidation is known as reprisals and retaliation. You have the right to do any of the following, without fear of a reprisal against you:

  • Hire a lawyer to enforce your rights
  • Ask about your rights
  • Filing a complaint with the Ministry of Labor
  • Exercise your employee rights

If you aren’t sure whether or not your employer has committed a reprisal against you, look out for the following types of conduct from your employer: 

  • Threatening to fire you
  • Actually firing you
  • Giving you a warning for doing something you have the right to do
  • Harassing you

If you feel that your employer has committed a reprisal against you, then speak to one of our lawyers.