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Referral fees respected

Not seeking a referral fee?

If you are not seeking to enter into a referral fee arrangement, and you simply wish to recommend our law firm to your client, you may provide our website or the name of one of our lawyers to your client, and we will be happy to speak with them. Depending on their case, a consultation fee may or may not apply.

Our policy regarding referral fees...

  1. Referral fees are only paid to lawyers or paralegals licensed by a law society in Canada.
  2. All referral fees must be fair and reasonable and not increase the total amount of the fee payable by the client.
  3. KPA agrees to pay referral fees at the maximum rate permitted by the LSO, which is as follows: 15% for the first $50,000 of legal fees and 5% of all legal fees thereafter to an absolute cap of $25,000 (CAD). 
  4. KPA does not pay referral fees to lawyers and paralegals whose licenses were suspended at the time of the referral.
  5. KPA does not pay up-front referral fees.
  6. KPA does not accept or pay referral fees to lawyers or paralegals who provide legal services through civil society organizations (CSOs), such as charities or not-for-profit corporations.
  7. KPA only pays referral fees on contingency-based matters. We only accept matters on a contingency fee if all of the following 5 criteria are met:
    1. The client has either been involved in a car accident, or had a slip & fall, or was bitten by someone else’s dog, or was sexually assaulted, or is collecting a secured debt, or has been wrongfully dismissed from their job;
    2. The size of the claim is sufficiently large enough to justify KPA’s financial investment and our time;
    3. There is evidence available to establish a strong likelihood of winning the case at trial;
    4. The defendant has sufficient funds to be able to pay for amounts indicated in the eventual court order or settlement; and
    5. The client is willing to sign a Contingency Fee Retainer Agreement and agree to all the relevant terms and conditions.

Before submitting this form...

  1. Ensure that you comply with all of the requirements set out by the LSO’s referral fee policies (click here).
  2.  Download and fill out the LSO’s Standard Referral Agreement. Include the completed form in your submission on this page.