What is a Certificate of Perfection at Divisional Court in Ontario?

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KPA Lawyers - March 27, 2019

Although the Divisional Court hears appeals from many types of courts and tribunals, if you are specifically interested in appealing a decision of the Small Claims Court, then we recommend reading How to appeal a Small Claims Court case in Ontario before reading this article.

The Certificate of Perfection must do the following:

  • state that the Appeal Book and Compendium, Exhibit Book, transcripts, if any, and Appellant’s Factum have been filed, and
  • set out, with respect to every party to the appeal, any intervener and any person entitled by statute to be heard on the appeal,
  • the name, address and telephone number of the party’s or person’s lawyer, or
  • if the party or person acts in person, the party or person’s name, address for service and telephone number.

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