Court orders Hamilton area man to pay almost $12,000

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KPA Lawyers - September 4, 2018

Faqir Ali (pictured)

KPA Lawyers is actively searching for the debtor described in this article. If you have information about this individual, please contact us at

On September 4th, 2018, the Hamilton Small Claims Court ordered Faqir Muhammad Ali of Mississauga (date of birth: January 17th, 1958) to pay $11,908.00 in damages and legal costs to a Brampton man after failing to repay a loan.

Despite signing a loan agreement, dated November 25th, 2015, promising to repay the funds within six months, the debtor failed to do so.

Mr. Ali’s last known address is 1059 Glancaster Rd., Mount Hope (Hamilton), Ontario, L0R 1E0.

Mr. Ali typically goes by the name “Faqir Ali” and appears to own the website where he identifies himself as a “Lawyer, Businessman, Spiritual Leader and Public Figure”. However, as of the date of publication of this post, Mr. Ali does not appear in the Law Society of Ontario’s directory of lawyers.

Mr. Ali also appears to own the Facebook page @FASocial Media.

If you have information about this individual, please contact us at

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