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It seems like there’s a personal injury lawyer on every billboard at every street corner these days. A lot of people also feel like lawyers are just a bunch of greedy ambulance chasers in fancy suits, and you wouldn’t be blamed for feeling the same way.

What makes things worse is a lot of personal injury law firms operate like “settlement mills” that accept hundreds of cases with almost no intention of ever taking a client’s case to trial. Clients can end up receiving far less than they deserve, and frequently end up navigating their cases with very little actual contact with their lawyers. At some law firms, if you’re just one of 500 other clients that a particular lawyer is representing at the same time, it’s no wonder that you might only hear from your lawyer once every several months.

We don’t think things should work that way. We don’t accept every case that walks in the door, and when we do, it’s because it’s in the best interests of our client to take action.

We’re also not afraid to take your case all the way to trial if necessary, and we’re not afraid to turn down a settlement offer from an insurance company that just isn’t fair. There are obviously risks associated with every lawsuit, and every client must make his or her own informed decision about whether to go to trial or to accept a settlement offer, but whatever you choose, we’re by your side. That’s the difference at KPA Lawyers.

Do I have to pay my lawyer if I don't win my case?

No, you don’t.

Like most personal injury law firms, we accept these types of cases on a “contingency fee”. That means we only get paid if we win money for you. This arrangement works well if you have an honest lawyer who will work just as hard for you regardless of how you pay them, but not all lawyers are like that, and we strongly recommend that you watch this video (click here) to learn about the traps that some clients fall into when they hire a contingency lawyer.

Keep in mind; however, if you change the law firm that represents you before your case is finished, your original law firm might still require you to pay them the contingency fee, or possibly an hourly rate for the time that was spent on the case. It’s best to commit to one law firm since changing firms will most likely result in significant increases in your total costs between both law firms.