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What do paralegal field placement students do at KPA?



Take your first steps to practising as a paralegal

To become a Licensed Paralegal in Ontario, students must complete 120 hours of field placement/practicum work experience. KPA Lawyers has hosted several field placement students and proudly continues to do so. Field placement students receive practical experience in all areas in which paralegals are licensed to practice. We accept applications from paralegal field placement students on a rolling basis throughout the year.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. As of 2020, KPA implemented a strict policy that all paralegal field placement students must report directly to a licensed paralegal and only be assigned tasks related to supporting that paralegal’s substantive legal work. This policy helps ensure that paralegal students receive meaningful training. It also avoids a common problem students sometimes experience where they are assigned general administrative tasks without much opportunity for real legal training.

Except during COVID safety protocols, paralegal placement students must generally work from KPA’s office.

Yes, students applying for a paralegal placement at KPA Lawyers must attend a job interview which will be conducted in a similar fashion as any other type of employment with KPA.

Yes, students must meet the following requirements to be considered for a paralegal placement at KPA Lawyers:

1) Be currently enrolled in or have completed an accredited paralegal program in the Province of Ontario; and

2) Obtain approval by their educational institution for the hours being completed at KPA Lawyers.

Paralegal placement students must have excellent written and oral communication skills in English.

No, the Law Society of Ontariodoes not obligate law firms or colleges to secure or provide paid field placements.

The short answer is “no”. Unless the student has a medical circumstance supported with valid documentation from a doctor, KPA will not acknowledge or validate any placement hours if the student resigns from his or her placement before the completion of the placement.

Sometimes, getting hired is all about timing. You might think that catching us in the middle of a hiring blitz can increase your chances, but we strongly recommend that all interested candidates apply at their own convenience.

KPA is in a constant state of growth, and we’re always looking to grow the size of our workforce.

Whenever we arrive at our next phase of growth, we look at a pre-existing pool of candidates before advertising the position online.

So it’s always better to apply.

You can submit an application by scrolling back up and clicking on the role that you feel matches your skills.