Outsource your
Human resources department
in Ontario

See why your legal team should also be your HR team.

All services in one place

Dedicated Virtual HR Professional & Lawyer

Don't pay the high cost of an in-house HR employee when you can have a dedicated virtual professional by your side

Onboard/offboard your employees

Adding and removing employees from your company has never been easier. We'll take care of every step, including document signing, ID collection, termination letters, etc.

Write and update your HR policies

Ensure that your office policies are in compliance with federal and provincial law. Office policies that violate the law could cost your company a lot of money when disputes happen.

Custom employment contracts that protect you

Sometimes just 4 or 5 words in an employment contract can mean the difference between winning or losing a six-figure wrongful dismissal lawsuit. Get customized, iron-clad contracts that protect your company and comply with Ontario law.

Defend you against legal claims

No matter how well you run your organization, there will always be some disgruntled former employees. You'll be ready with a strong team of lawyers to defend your company in court, if and when it happens. Litigation services are provided at a discounted hourly rate for plan members. Negotiations with opposing law firms before a court case are included in your plan.

Specialized software to manage employee data

We've teamed up with industry leading HR software leaders to provide you with access to the most modern and innovative tools, which is included in your plan membership.

Lawyer-client confidentiality

Communications between you and your lawyer can't be used in court. That's one of the perks of having your solicitors handle your HR operations.

Simple pricing

An employment lawsuits can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. We help reduce the chances of devastating consequences.


$ 149 Per employee per month

More than 15 employees?

$ 119 Per employee per month

What's included?

You will receive the following included in the cost of your monthly plan:

  • A dedicated virtual HR professional and lawyer to address your needs
  • We terminate your employees so you avoid the awkward conversation, and possible wrongful dismissal lawsuits
  • Custom employment contracts for each new hire
  • Legally compliant office policies tailored to your business, dealing with leaves of absence, COVID safety, dress code, workplace harassment, etc.
  • Writing job descriptions and making offers of employment on your behalf
  • Custom termination letters every time an employee is terminated
  • Specialized HR software and dedicated support
  • Negotiations with opposing law firms if you receive a legal demand
  • Discounts on our litigation hourly rates if a lawsuit is filed against you
  • Referrals to our payroll processing partners


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, we require a 1-year committment for our outsourced HR plan memberhip program.

This ensures that your human resources infrastructure is designed, deployed and managed properly.

We try to be as transparent about our fees as possible.

For example, like most HR services, we charge an initial setup fee to get your started (read more about that in the next question).

Also, some services are not included in the fixed monthly plan, but plan members are entitled to preferred rates well below typical lawyer fees.

If you are sued in court, or ask us to file a lawsuit, you will be charged a discounted hourly rate.

Excessive overuse or abuse of our flat fee services also might attract additional charges. Please see our “Fair Use” policy in your contract.

Yes, for example, employers that want specialized “Performance Review” software and support can add that feature to their plan for an additional $10 per employee per month.

Ask us about any services or features you have in mind, and we’ll let you know whether or not it is included in yoru plan. If it is not, we’ll let you know about any additional costs. 

Our lawyers and HR professionals perform a lot of heavy lifting in the first 30 days of your plan. 

This includes things like writing and updating your office policies, getting to know your business operations, on-boarding all of your current employees into our software, and dealing with any immediate employment issues that brought you to us, etc.

Therefore, we charge a nominal fee of $750 to deploy your HR infrastructure. After that, you monthly fees will cover most of your on-going needs. 

Your plan membership will be adjusted to reflect the number of employees in  your organization. Adjustments can be made on a monthly basis.

No. Your membership plan is calculated based on the total number of employees in your company.

As lawyers, we offer a superior level of confidentiality that only lawyers can offer. 

Specifically, when you communicate with your lawyer, that communication is protected by “solicitor-client privilege”, which means that it cannot be used against you in court, and your lawyer can never share your confidential information with anyone unless you allow it, or the lawyer is permitted to do so under the law.


You can cancel with at least 30 days written notice to us. 

If you cancel your membership during a fixed-term, then the balance of all remaining months in the term will become due and payable in full.

Most lawyers in Ontario charge hourly rates between $350 per hour and $650 per hour. These hourly rates can quickly add up to several tens of thousands of dollars. 

With our plans,  your fees are predicable, and when an unexpected large issue arises, you’ll enjoy deeply discounted hourly rates below the market.

You can subscribe online by entering the number of employees in your organization and completing your order on our website. 

You can also call 905 965 6263 and ask to speak with Andrea Savva about our outsourced HR services. 

You can also send an email to info@kpalawyers.ca with any questions. One of our team members will be happy to get you started with your plan.

We want you to feel like our team is just like having your own in-house HR team. 

Therefore, we will usually respond to most inquiries on a same-day basis, provided that you contact us between the hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. 

All phone calls are answered 24/7/365 when you call 905 965 6263. However, calls are answered on evenings and weekends by our friendly after-hours customer service professionals based in Ontario.

Yes. We belive that terminating an employee is a very delicate process from both a legal and human perspective. 

Our team is trained in law and negotiation skills. We also feel that when a termination comes from outside of your organization, the process is conducted in a more professional and clinical manner.

What our clients say