Need a lawyer who speaks Mandarin or Cantonese
in Ontario?

需要说普通话或粤语的安大略省律师 ?

需要說普通話或粵語的安大略省律師 ?

We speak Mandarin and Cantonese

KPA currently provides family law services in Mandarin and Cantonese. Unfortunately, we do not provide other types of legal services in these languages. If you have a case about family law, then feel free to book an appointment using the button on this page. Family law includes divorce, separation, child support issues, child custody issues, and similar issues.

KPA 现正提供普通话和粤语的家庭法律服务。华语服务现在只限于家庭法。如有需要,请随时使用此页的按钮进行预约。家庭法包括离婚、分居、抚养费、子女监护权等问题。

KPA 現正提供普通話和粵語的家庭法律服務。華語服務現在只限於家庭法。如有需要,請隨時使用此頁的按鈕進行預約。家庭法包括離婚、分居、撫養費、子女監護權等問題。