KPA Lawyers

Devon Sivill

Devon was Called to the Bar in Ontario in 2014 and practices in civil litigation and administrative law at KPA Lawyers. He resides in Guelph and represents clients across all of Ontario.

Prior to joining KPA, he served as the Executive Director and Director of Legal Services at the Algoma Community Legal Clinic in Sault Ste. Marie.

Before returning to private practice, Devon also worked as general in-house counsel in the automotive industry in Ontario. He has a unique insight into the needs of businesses and employers, having served as both external and internal counsel.

Although Devon represents clients in a broad range of civil litigation matters, he is personally passionate about disability law, employment law and human rights law.

Winning cases

1908-06406 (RE), 2020 ONSBT 2243 (CANLII)
Decided by: Josephine Racioppo

1910-07521 (RE), 2020 ONSBT 2205 (CANLII)
Decided by: Solape Ilori

1903-02163 (RE), 2020 ONSBT 1486 (CANLII)
Decided by: Flora Hoffman

1803-01761 (RE), 2020 ONSBT 865 (CANLII)
Decided by: Jonelle Van Delft

1905-03194 (RE), 2020 ONSBT 839 (CANLII)
Decided by: Josephine Racioppo

1806-04161 (RE), 2020 ONSBT 810 (CANLII)
Decided by: Josephine Racioppo