Verify the legal owners of any real estate property in Ontario


There are a lot of reasons why you might want to determine the identities of who legally owns a particular real estate property in Ontario.

You might be...

  • thinking about purchasing a property;
  • unsure if you were actually included in the title of a property that you're involved in;
  • a tenant who wants to avoid being defrauded by someone who is pretending to be a landlord, but really isn't;
  • a service provider who needs to verify the ownership of a property before providing services; or
  • some other reason


We charge a flat fee of $199+HST per property search for this service.

This includes all time and out-of-pocket expenses associated with sending you an official document regarding the real estate property you are searching for. You will generally receive this material within 1 business day.

Use the "book now" button to place your order and send a secure credit card payment online. No appointment or meeting with a lawyer is necessary.

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