Sue a builder regarding a pre-construction dispute


Many homebuyers in Ontario who have invested in pre-construction real estate encounter developers who try to charge them more money, or lose their investment altogether. Sometimes, this type of conduct can be illegal, and actionable in court. This problem has been widely reported in the media.

If you feel that a builder has illegally breached their contract with you, or caused you financial harm unlawfully, then speak to one of our civil litigation lawyers to learn more about your options. Depending on the circumstances of your case, we may be able to obtain compensation in court.


Our lawyers charge hourly fees for this type of service. The hourly rate depends on the seniority of the lawyer assigned to the case. A non-refundable consultation fee is charged for your initial consultation, and retainer fees start at $5,000+HST. Court fees and other out-of-pocket expenses are additional.

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