Statement of Defence


Have you been sued in civil court for more than $35,000?

If you have, then someone has probably given you a "Statement of Claim", and your name probably appears on the front page, listed as a defendant.

In Ontario, you have 20 calendar days to deliver either a (1) "Notice of Intent to Defend" (which gets you an additional 10 days), or (2) a "Statement of Defence" telling your side of the story in the lawsuit.

If you miss the deadline, you could be "noted in default" and then you would lose your right to defend yourself, and a Judge could order the authorities to take your money or assets, to pay for the judgment against you.

If you prefer not to hire a lawyer to represent you on an hourly basis for your entire case, you can still hire a lawyer at KPA on a flat-fee basis where we will draft your Statement of Defence for you. This is a "limited-scope" service and does not include representation in court, and does not include communicating with other lawyers.

If you choose this service, then you will still be considered a self-represented person in your case, but you'll enjoy the convenience of having a qualified lawyer write your Statement of Defence.

This service does not include family court. 


We charge $3,000 + HST + court fees for this service. The court fee is $183. This adds up to an all-inclusive total of $3,573. This is payable by credit card, certified cheque, cash or Interac eTransfer.

A consultation fee applies to this service. If you choose not to proceed after paying the consultation fee, or we do not accept your case for any reason, then the consultation fee is non-refundable. If we do proceed together, then you can ask for the consultation fee to be credit towards the cost of your services.

If you would like to launch your own lawsuit in response to the lawsuit against you, this is called a "counterclaim" if you are suing the Plaintiff, or a "third party claim" if you are suing someone else who was not named in the main lawsuit.

The fee for a "Statement of Defence and Counterclaim" (or third party claim) is $5,000 + HST + a court fee of $229. This adds up to an all-inclusive total of $5,879.

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