Simple Will (Individual)


Choose this service if you would like one of our Wills & Estates lawyers to create a custom simple Last Will & Testament for one person, and does not involve any complex assets or issues.

The flat fee for this service is $499, plus a $33 software surcharge, plus HST.

Do not choose this service if...

  • You are a couple and you wish to create a "mirror will" together. That is a separate service, and costs more than the individual simple will.
  • You updating a pre-existing will. This is a separate service, and costs less than creating a new will.
  • If you also need one or more "Power of Attorney" documents created for you. We have a separate package that includes a Simple Will and 2 Powers of Attorney.
  • You have complex assets and wealth that you intend to distribute in a specific way upon your death.

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