Simple Will & 2 Powers of Attorney (Individual)


Choose this service if you would like one of our Wills & Estates lawyers to create a custom simple will and 2 powers of attorney, and does not involve any complex assets or issues. To learn about what these documents are, we invite you to watch the video on this page.

This package of services is a convenient way for clients to organize their estate planning in an affordable way. The flat fee for this service is $789, plus a $33 software surcharge, plus HST.

Do not choose this service if...

  • You are a couple and you wish to create a "mirror will" together. That is a different service.
  • You updating a pre-existing will. This is a different service, and costs less than creating a new will.
  • You have complex assets and wealth that you intend to distribute in a specific way upon your death.

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