Simple Divorce


We will complete your divorce paperwork with you, file your documents in court, serve a copy of your documents to your spouse, and obtain a divorce order from a Judge.

When we send a copy of the divorce documents to your spouse by regular mail, your spouse will need to sign and send to us (or to the court) a completed "Form 6: Acknowledgment of Service". If your spouse refuses to do this, then we may need to hire a professional called a Process Server, and additional charges may apply for the Process Server's fees.

If your spouse does sign and return a Form 6, then the total cost of the Simple Divorce Package including all legal fees, taxes, and court fees will be $1,592.50. That is because our fee is $850, plus $110.50 for HST, and $632 for court fees that we pay to the government.

But remember, even when court forms are completed correctly by a lawyer, courts can still temporarily delay or deny your simple divorce application for reasons outside of your lawyer's control (such as if a Judge is concerned about the well-being of a child). This is rare, but it does happen. Additional fees may apply to deal with complex issues identified by the court.

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