Review a termination letter with an employment lawyer on Zoom


NOTE: This service is not available to unionized employees.

Have you been fired from your job? Has your employer given you a termination letter and asked you to sign a liability release? Are you sure you're being paid what you're owed at the end of your employment relationship?

It's important that you have a lawyer review your situation before you sign anything. Even if your employer has given you a short deadline to respond, these deadlines are very often just to create a false sense of urgency, to discourage you from talking to a lawyer. Don't fall into that trap.

KPA uses the power of artificial intelligence software that analyzes your unique situation, compares it with thousands of real cases in the last 20 years, and generates a prediction of what a Judge would do with your case with about 95% accuracy. This report is combined with your lawyer's actual experience, to ensure you receive a high degree of confidence.


We charge a flat fee of $499+HST for this service.

Your Zoom session will be scheduled for 90 minutes. During the session, a lawyer will gather information from you, talk to you about your rights, answer your questions, and send you a PDF report with the results of our AI-powered analysis.

Please remember to be ready with the following documents at the beginning of your session (if you have them):

  • Your government-issued ID
  • A copy of your employment contract
  • A copy of the termination letter
  • A recent pay stub or tax form indicating your wages

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