Review a commercial lease agreement in Ontario


NOTE: This product is not intended for residential tenancies. It is strictly for commercial landlords and commercial tenants, or people acting on their behalf.

Renting a space as a landlord or tenant can be very complicated in commercial situations. It is nothing like renting a place to live, and there are entirely different sets of laws that apply to commercial tenancies.

If you are a tenant who has been asked to sign a commercial lease agreement, or you are a landlord who wants advice about the lease agreements you are using for your space, then it's a good idea to speak with a qualified commercial leasing lawyer for independent legal advice. 


We charge a flat fee of $749+HST for up to 90 minutes with a lawyer on Zoom.

Alternatively, if you wish to have your agreement reviewed in person, then you can attend our office on a walk-in basis. If a commercial leasing lawyer is available, then you can submit payment over-the-counter, and you can receive this service in person. 

Please note that 90 minutes may not be enough to review extremely long lease agreements. We will apply our best efforts to discuss your entire lease agreement with you within the allotted time; however, for very long and complicated lease agreements, please note that you may need to purchase additional time with a lawyer. 

Fees are also not discounted or reduced if the services are provided in less than 90 minutes. 



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