Get independent legal advice (ILA) for a family law contract


Did you know that documents like separation agreements and marriage contracts (called "pre-nups" outside Canada) are not necessarily legally binding if one or both partners fail to obtain independent legal advice (ILA)? More importantly, even if the document is valid and enforceable, you might end up signing something that has significant negative consequences for you if you don't obtain ILA before signing it.

Our family lawyers routinely provide ILA to clients who want to ensure that they know what they are signing, and understand their options to make changes to their family law contract before signing it. Book an appointment with one of our family lawyers to receive ILA for your family law document.


This service is offered on a flat fee basis, and your session will last for approximately 1 hour or less. If you decide that you want to negotiate the terms of your agreement, or you want one of our lawyers to make changes to your agreement, then additional fees will apply, which we typically charge on an hourly basis.

On the other hand, if you are happy with what you are signing, and you want written confirmation that a lawyer has provided you with ILA, then this service is included in the flat fee.

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