Get an employee termination letter from an employment lawyer in Ontario


NOTE: This service is not available for unionized environments. 

When letting go of an employee, the termination letter that you give to them can and will be used against you in court by a disgruntled employee, if they choose to sue your company for wrongful dismissal.

If the employee's termination letter does not comply with very specific legal requirements, then that can cause several thousands of dollars in liability to your company.

Moreover, many employment lawyers will help disgruntled employees sue their former employers without charging their clients any fees (unless they win). This means that most employees face no up-front costs to launching a lawsuit against you. Given the excessive number of unnecessary lawsuits against employers, the two best tools in an employer's toolkit are a properly drafted employment contract, and a propertly drafted termination letter.

Book a session with one of our employment lawyers to ensure that you have your best shot at shielding your company from liability when terminating an employee.

We will apply our best efforts to calculate any legal entitlements that the employee might have, and draft your letter keeping these laws in mind. We use our lawyers' experience combined with powerful artificial intelligence software to accomplish this task.

Do not invite the employee to this session. This session is strictly between your company and one of our employment lawyers.


This service is charged on a flat fee basis of $549+HST. This is a tiny fraction of what you might have to pay a disgruntled employee if you give them a termination letter that does not comply with the law.

You will receive one custom termination letter for one employee, and your session with one of our employment lawyers will last for up to 90 minutes or less.

If your employee refuses to sign the liability release and/or sues your company, we can also assign a litigation lawyer to defend you in court at an hourly rate.

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