Book an education lawyer for your special-needs child


School boards across Ontario routinely fail to accommodate the needs of children with disabilities. Sometimes, conduct by school board employees involves outright discrimination and mistreatment of students with disabilities.

This conduct is illegal, and a violation of Ontario's Human Rights Code. Unfortunately, sometimes school staff simply do not take parents' and students' concerns seriously until a lawyer is involved. KPA has experience representing a range of students with special needs.

Book this service if you are a parent of a special-needs child in Ontario who is not receiving proper accommodations in school, or is suffering discrimination in school.


Our lawyers charge hourly fees for this type of service. The hourly rate depends on the seniority of the lawyer assigned to the case. A non-refundable consultation fee is charged for your initial consultation, and retainer fees start at $5,000+HST. Court fees and other out-of-pocket expenses are additional.

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