Dispute a traffic ticket in the Greater Toronto Area


Have you received a traffic ticket in or around the Greater Toronto Area?

Protect your insurance and your driving record by hiring a licensed paralegal to fight your ticket. Although no one can guarantee or promise any specific outcome, people who hire representation are, on average, better off and are happier with the outcome of their traffic cases.


Our paralegals charge a non-refundable consultation fee, and then you will typically be offered a flat fee depending on the type of traffic violation you have been charged with. During your initial consultation, the paralegal will determine an appropriate flat fee for your case.

However, if your case goes to trial, then an hourly fee will apply. The hourly rate depends on the seniority of the paralegal assigned to your case.

Do not book this service if you have been charged with impaired driving, since you will need a criminal defence lawyer for that instead.

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