Create a corporation online


Have you ever dreamed of starting a business? Or perhaps you want to take your existing business to the next level by creating a corporation? You can do this through KPA using our convenient online services, with fast turnaround times of usually 1 business day (sometimes even faster!).

Incorporation limits the liability of a business corporation’s shareholders and of a not-for-profit corporation’s members. As a general rule, shareholders and members are not personally responsible for their corporation’s debts.

Business corporations are taxed separately from their shareholders. The corporate tax rate is generally lower than the individual tax rate. In some cases, incorporation offers some fiscal benefits.


Your total fees will depend on two things: (1) whether you want to pick the name of your corporation (or instead be assigned a number) and (2) whether you want a federal corporation or a provincial corporation.

Depending on the above, your total fees including all legal fees, taxes, and government filing fees will range from $650.87 to $978.16.

Use the "Book now" button to fill out a form with all of the information we will need. Don't worry, there is no fee to submit the form. One of our team members will review your online form answers and contact you to arrange payment, which can be paid by credit card or Interac eTransfer.

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