Consultation with a charity law lawyer


Book this service if you are starting a not-for-profit organization, or applying for registered charity status to the CRA, or you need help with your pre-existing charity.

FEES (payment plans available)

Standard Charity: $5,833.29 all-inclusive

  • Religious Charities
  • Animal Rescue Charities
  • Private & Family Foundations

National charity: $7,419.81 all-inclusive

  • Includes all other charitable purposes (not included in the Standard Package) including:
    • Advancement of Education;
    • Relief of Poverty;
    • Other charitable purposes beneficial to the community, including Promotion of Health, Immigrant Assistance, Environment, Families, Disabled, and Community Centres.

International charity: $14,877.81 all-inclusive

  • International Charities Operating through a 3rd party
  • Joint Venture Agreements & Agency Contracts

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