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What do Legal Aid Family Lawyers do at KPA?




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With some rare exceptions, we usually don’t hire Legal Aid Family Lawyers who are not yet authorized to accept legal aid certificates for family law.

The process of obtaining authorization from LAO can take some time, and although we’ve helped some employees through this process in the past, we generally do not recruit on this basis.

You’ll need to review the requirements on LAO’s website.

If you think that you either (1) meet the experience requirement, or (2) are eligible for an exemption, or (3) are eligible for conditional status, then you can fill out the relevant forms found on this page.

You will also need to ensure that your Law Society directory listing is up to date. For example, if you are a Recent Call or you were not in private practice, you’ll need to log onto your LSO Portal and ensure your status is set to In Private Practice. Keep in mind that the LSO can sometimes take a long time to update your directory listing. If it has already been a few weeks since you updated your status online, you might need to call the LSO directly to inquire about your directory listing, and be polite but assertive about the urgency of your request.

Lawyers in this role receive a fixed salary, paid by direct deposit twice per month.

Given the modest hourly rates offered by Legal Aid Ontario, salaries are currently capped at $55,000 per year for LAO Family Lawyers at KPA. This wage can be increased over time if the employee accumulates a docket of private clients that meaningfully increases the lawyer’s billable performance.

KPA also covers your LawPro insurance premiums, Law Society membership fees, and a standard medical & dental plan.

This type of position is a permanent full-time employer/employee relationship, and is not available to independent contractors.

LAO Family Lawyers at KPA must work in person at our head office on a full-time basis for their first year of employment with us. After that period, management may or may not relax this requirement.

Yes, your employment contract will include a billable target. Your performance will be monitored on a weekly and/or monthly basis to ensure the mutual success of both you and the firm.

We receive a large volume of applicants, and we typically only accept a very small number of candidates.

Your application will be significantly stronger if you are already authorized by Legal Aid Ontario to represent family law clients, but this is not a guarantee of employment.

You can apply directly on the current page you are viewing.

Yes, all lawyers at KPA are required to complete one or more training courses designed and developed by KPA. The number of courses depends on the responsibilities that are you assigned. Our proprietary training modules are not available anywhere else in the profession, and are intended to ensure that you are competent in our policies & procedures, as well as substantive law. 

Your performance during training and your ability to absorb the training material is a factor that is considered during your probationary period, where your suitability for continued employment will be assessed.

Help advance access to justice in Ontario.

Whether clients are paying privately, or their cases are funded by Legal Aid Ontario, every client deserves access to justice and quality legal services. As a Legal Aid Family Lawyer at KPA, you’ll have the honour and privilege of fighting for the rights of low-income persons in Ontario who need your help.

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