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Frequently asked questions

The short answer is yes, but we nonetheless have policies and structure in place to ensure a healthy balance between working in the office and working from home.

Obviously, during the pandemic, KPA transitioned most of our employees to working from home on a full-time basis. Perhaps we shouldn’t say “obviously” because some law firms did not provide this safety protection to their employees.

Even before the pandemic, KPA has had a flexible work-from-home policy in place for lawyers and paralegals. That’s because we know that practicing law doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in an office building from 9am to 5pm. Practicing law is stressful enough as it is, and we find that our licensees are happier and more productive when they can assert greater control over how, when and where they work.

All of our lawyers are full-time permanent employees of KPA Lawyers Professional Corporation.
We know that some law firms try to categorize their lawyers as “independent contractors” for reasons that we assume are motivated by profit, or the avoidance of liability. We don’t do business that way.

At KPA, we gladly embrace the responsibilities that employers owe to their employees. We also clearly articulate the terms of your employment arrangement in your written employment contract.

KPA receives hundreds of applications every month. We read every application, but only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. We keep applications on file, and we will look at our pre-existing pool of candidates when a new opportunity arises. So we encourage all qualified candidates to apply.

KPA offers flexible compensation plans that are tailored to our lawyers’ preferred way of earning income. 

For example, maybe you like the security of a fixed salary. On the other hand, you might be more of a risk taker, and you might enjoy increasing your income-potential by working on a revenue-sharing model. Maybe both of these sound appealing to you, and you prefer a mixed approach. 

Whatever you choose, our goal is to ensure that you are well-paid for the work that you do. Feel free to check out our article on The Huffington Post about how we’re making lawyer-compensation more equitable for associates.

KPA also provides a medical and dental plan, along with plenty of vacation time. 

Sometimes, getting hired is all about timing. You might think that catching us in the middle of a hiring blitz can increase your chances, but we strongly recommend that all interested candidates apply at their own convenience.

KPA is in a constant state of growth, and we’re always looking to grow the size of our workforce.

Whenever we arrive at our next phase of growth, we look at a pre-existing pool of candidates before advertising the position online.

So it’s always better to apply.

You can submit an application by scrolling back up and clicking on the role that you feel matches your skills.