Financial assistance for
legal fees

How do legal fees work?

Before exploring options to fund your legal fees, you should have a basic understanding of how legal fees work. We recommend that you start by reading this other page, then go ahead and review your options below.

Divorce Loans

Some lending institutions provide loans specifically for people going through a family court case in Ontario. One such lending institution is BridgePoint. You can learn about their lending program by clicking here

Please note that KPA is not involved in the loan application process. We do not endorse any specific financing programs from any institution, and the links provided here are for informational purposes only.

If you are approved, you will typically be able to use your divorce loan to help cover legal fees, financial commitments and personal expenses so you can focus on moving forward with your life.


Crowdfunding has become very popular for funding legal and medical expenses. Consider reading this article to learn how you can pay for a lawyer with no money.

Legal Aid Ontario

The Legal Aid Certificate Program can be an effective tool to pay for legal services without any obligation to re-pay money from Legal Aid. We recommend that you start by reading this other page to learn how Legal Aid works in Ontario, and find out whether or not you are eligible for a certificate.


If you own a home, you can talk to your bank about obtaining a Home Equity Line of Credit. Choose your bank from the links below to learn more: