Emily Banks, Family Lawyer

Ba. Hons., J.D. (USA), J.D. (CAN)

Emily Banks earned two law degrees from law schools in both Canada and the United States. She is a graduate of the University of Detroit Mercy, School of Law (Michigan) and Windsor Law School (Ontario).

Her primary areas of practice are family law and personal injury law. She has regularly appeared in Superior Court and the Ontario Court of Justice, having represented hundreds of clients.

She is a member of Legal Aid Ontario’s Family Law Panel. She is qualified and authorised to accept legal aid certificates.

In 2021, Emily won the Family Lawyer of the Year award from Lawyer Monthly magazine.


  • Call to the Bar: 2016
  • Juris Doctor (J.D.) – University of Windsor
  • Juris Doctor (J.D.) – University of Detroit Mercy
  • B.A. (Hons.) – Wilfrid Laurier University


  • Email: emily@kpalawyers.ca
  • Assistant: Gurleen Thethi (gurleen@kpalawyers.ca)

Notable Cases

  • Russell v. Ramcharan, 2020 ONSC 3546 (CanLII)

    Emily successfully represented a client in family court regarding a child custody case during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Luczon v. Luczon, 2020 ONSC 4899 (CanLII)

    Emily successfully represented a client in a claim for child support, plus partial reimbursement for her client’s legal costs. The court also “imputed” the opposing party’s income, which means that the court assumes the payor’s likley income-level when a person fails to properly disclose their financial data.

  • DesLauriers v. Breen, 2021 ONSC 7631 (CanLII)

    Emily successfully represented the Respondent in this case. The Court determined that the other side failed to be ready to proceed, and the Court ordered $470 in legal costs payable to Emily’s client.

Award winning performance

In 2021, Emily won the Lawyer Monthly Women in Law Award in recognition of her outstanding legal expertise and contribution.

Lawyer Monthly is a news website and legal publication with content that is entirely defined by significant legal news from around the world.



​Cathy Morrison
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I am very happy with the help I got from KPA. Their pricing was fair and they didn't "nickel and dime" me. Emily Banks was professional and thorough and never made my questions feel trite. I highly recommend this firm.
Jennie Kealey
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I strongly recommend Emily Banks and her team. Credible. Capable. Knowledgeable. Dependable.
Hind Khalayleh
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I worked with Ms. Emily Banks for about two years in my case. Ms. Banks is an outstanding lawyer. She is always available for her client to address any concerns. Additionally, she provides her client with honest and legal advice that will benefit them in their case. In my case, she brought to my attention some valuable points that I never thought about in my separation agreement. Furthermore, She is super professional in doing her work. I am glad that I choose the right lawyer for my tangible case. Thank you, Ms. Emily.
Melissa Jovellanos
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Emily was my lawyer for my divorce and custody issues, and I can’t thank her, the paralegal Francis, and the KPA Lawyers team enough for helping my daughter and I get through the most difficult chapter in our lives. When going through something as significant as this, often alone and dealing as a single mom starting over, you need a legal team who will be compassionate, on the ball, and act on your behalf always with your best interests in mind - she and Francis were caring, considerate, professional, open to my concerns and endless questions, and pulled out the “big guns” when we needed to which is the best way to efficiently and effectively manage these situations and ultimately minimize financial, emotional, and mental damage that unfortunately come with divorce, legal complexities, and heated custody battles. Emily and Francis and the whole KPA gang were just amazing to work with. Love these guys.
Roy Wilder
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Emily is a fantastic lawyer! I had heart surgery a year ago and I can tell you that she took most of the stress off me. Her experience and attention to detail led to my drawn out family court case come to an end. She also handled the other party who wasn’t represented at all, professionally and navigated through the settlement process that led to an end result. I would recommend Emily to anyone who wants results with their family court proceedings. Thanks again, Emily!!!
Aila Messner
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Emily banks is an amazing lawyer! she knows her stuff and she was right on top of everything and making sure my end was always taken care of! She did such an amazing job and gave me a lot of important information to help me and got the exact results that I was hoping for! I would 100% recommended her to anyone that is need of a good lawyer! She is really on her game and I can’t thank her enough for everything!
Beverly Bain-Ouditt
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Emily Banks and KPA lawyers were our lifesavers in our family court case. Emily is very knowledgeable and professional. She was honest and straightforward when informing us of what our legal options were to allow us to be successful. Our case was very sensitive, emotional and stressful but Emily’s empathy and understanding made the situation much more manageable. Her endearing nature and her friendly manner made you feel like family and that made our communications a lot easier but yet very informative. Family law cases can be drawn out and as a result expensive however Emily and KPA arranged a payment plan specifically for our family which helped us tremendously. Emily was outstanding as she guided us through the family court process and she negotiated on our behalf and her efforts resulted in a very successful outcome. We would highly recommend Emily to anyone who is in need of a family lawyer. She is simply the best.