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Disability lawsuit dismissed after no disability cited, Human Rights Tribunal

KPA Lawyers – April 17, 2019 It seems like the kind of thing you’d read about in The Onion or The Beaverton, but this story is unfortunately quite true. It should probably be noted that neither KPA Lawyers nor any of our employees had anything to do with this case. It should also come as no surprise that since Ontario’s Human Rights Tribunal lacks

Man sues Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario in Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, loses

KPA Lawyers – April 17, 2019 It’s almost reminiscent of an old internet meme. On March 22nd, 2019, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario decided the case of Gallagher v. Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. Before we say anything further, it should probably be noted that neither KPA Lawyers nor any of our employees had anything to do with this case. The Applicant, John

What to do if you receive an Application from Family Court in Peel Region

KPA Lawyers – April 28, 2019 If you are named as a respondent in a family case and you have received (been “served” with) an Application, you will also receive a blank Answer that will allow you to respond to the claims that have been made in the Application. You may also make claims against the applicant or another person (an added respondent) in

What to do if you’re fired while pregnant in Ontario

KPA Lawyers – May 4, 2019 First, don’t sign anything. Signing away your rights might result in everything else that we say in this article being completely out of reach for you. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, what exactly does that law have to say about employers who terminate pregnant employees? In Ontario, the Human Rights Code states that every

Here’s what’s really happening during that “free” consultation

KPA Lawyers – July 22, 2019 We get it, lawyers have a reputation for being expensive. In fact, dispelling that reputation has become the cornerstone of a lot of legal advertising. Pay nothing and receive excellent legal advice and representation. You hear it a lot, and it sounds too good to be true. Unfortunately, it very often is just that: too good to be

What to do if you receive a traffic ticket in Peel Region

KPA Lawyers – April 28, 2019 Getting a traffic ticket doesn’t mean you’re a bad driver, and it doesn’t even necessarily mean that you are guilty of the offence listed on the ticket. A ticket is simply a charge (or allegation) which indicates that a police officer believes you committed a violation of the Highway Traffic Act. Even if you think you are guilty,

Human Rights Tribunal dismisses sexual harassment lawsuit against Mississauga Cricket League

KPA Lawyers – September 20, 2019 On June 6th, 2019, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (“HRTO”) summarily dismissed a lawsuit filed by Mississauga resident, Kirstena Naidu, against the Mississauga Cricket League. Naidu alleged that she had been discriminated on the basis of sex, including sexual harassment, sexual solicitation and advances, with respect to membership in the vocational association. In her Application she alleged

How to remove a tenant who has appealed an eviction order in Ontario

KPA Lawyers – January 6, 2020 Ontario’s Landlord and Tenant Board, often referred to as the LTB, was created to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants as well as to provide the respective parties information about their rights and responsibilities. For a landlord, a non-paying tenant can be burdensome. It can be costly proceeding through the LTB process and obtaining an order for eviction.

How will COVID-19 affect my real estate transaction in Ontario?

KPA Lawyers – March 17, 2020 Doug Ford has declared a State of Emergency. So what does that mean for you and your real estate transaction? Brokerages are shutting down, agents are working from home and private showings have agents wearing gloves and advising prospective buyers to touch as few things as possible. Whether you are selling, buying or refinancing your home you may


KPA Lawyers – March 17, 2020 This morning, Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford declared a state of emergency for the Province of Ontario due to the spread of COVID-19. Using the province’s new emergency powers, the Province announced the immediate closure of the following: All facilities providing indoor recreational programs. All public libraries. All private schools as defined in the Education Act. All licensed

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